Bring it.

This is fine by me. 

Truly, truly fine. 

I’ve dealt with Christian proselytizers at gay pride parades, prop 8 protests, and on random street corners. I’ve never seen anyone try to engage. People chuckle and move on. Everyone just takes their mom’s advice and ignores them and hopes they’ll go away. But they don’t. They get bolder. They mobilize. They come together, raise millions of dollars, and strip away a right you have fought and bled for. Then they have the fucking gall to come into YOUR neighborhood, the fucking gay mecca of the entire fucking world, and try to convince you that you’re wrong and evil and should repent or you’ll go to hell. Shame. Shame on them. 

This crosses the line to violence, and I’m done. But this hateful, organized, group speech deserves a proactive response. Like the fellow says: “Stay out of our neighborhood if you don’t like us! Leave us alone!”


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