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It’s Me!

November 17, 2008

I’ve been an inactive, surreptitious blogger for two years, lurking mostly, but sometimes piping in if I disagreed strongly enough. Then Prop 8 passed. Then the fallout began. And I am a real blogger now. 

I now have too much to say and a place to say it. So be on the lookout for three posts on the fight against the proposition, marriage equality, and the new queer movement. I’ll bring the fun.  

More about me: I’m a second year master’s student in Public Policy, so I am a master of memos, a statistics nerd, and, frankly, am fed up with the false equivalency and neutrality in research. I’m ready to be out in the world again. I’ve been with my partner, S., for 6 years, and we married in California in August. We’re planning another wedding for next August. 

Other passions of mine include community development, urban policy, Baltimore, anti-racism, feminism, gentrification, citizenship, craft beer & homebrewing, and my cat, Loki, who is certifiably insane.